Bunnies: a Mommy & Me Storytime!

Thankfully, my first Mommy & Me story time worked out a lot better than my first preschool story time - I had one precious baby with a mommy join us for about 25 minutes.

My plan for this first week was maybe a little sparse: 30 minutes, two stories, and three songs / finger plays / tickles. Since I only had one baby, things moved much quicker than it would have if I was working with a larger group. Here are a couple of things I noticed.

  1. I can't wait for my actual rug to come. The little foam block mat I have now is really only big enough for a couple of babies, and that's if mommies sit to the side. If it's one baby + one adult, then the mat is full. Our carpet is so gross, and I'm actually a little embarrassed for mommies to see that. 
  2. I need to work a little on my delivery. I'm used to reading to 4-year-olds and up, who (most of the time) respond actively to stories and pictures. One of our stories did have some touch and feel pages, and that went over really well, but I'm not sure it would have worked in a larger group (pass the book around?). 
  3. Our programming area is so small. A new library building is in the works, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to plan out an intentional space. We're hopefully condensing our collection a little, and I think this will help. Until then... I'm going to have to maybe relocate some furniture. 
Here's my plan! 

Pat the Bunny (Davis)
Read to Your Bunny (Wells)

Songs, Tickles, and Fingerplays
Wheels on the Bus
Where, Oh Where Are Baby's Fingers? (from Jbrary)
Slowly, Slowly (from Jbrary)

Any suggestions for delivery? I'd love to hear how you structure your itty bitty time! 
Happy Reading!


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